Friday, October 7, 2016


On the way to Tayrona, we stopped in Santa Marta.
It was really nothing to be seen. I was a bit sad that a trip to Aracataca didnt happen for obvious reasons. But there wasn't much time here before heading to Tayrona the next day.

It is like she is always taking care of us...

Of course we had to try it! It was surprisingly soft...

Relaxing pool night before heading to the jungle...
The jungle hike was intense to say the least. Sweating was very real. The beach was definitely the clearest I have ever seen.
While it didnt rise up to expectations, it was a great experience to have.

We were fooled when we saw this view... we really thought we were almost there. We weren't even halfway...

So we thought we were close now... and we still weren't...

About 3 hours later, we made it!

The water was just CLEAR as can be! Not sure if it comes through in the photos, ha!

Wild passion fruit flowers!


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