Thursday, October 6, 2016


Next stop: Medellin
There is so much to say about Medellin starting for the contrast to the coast. Antioquia is green and has mountains upon mountains. The smell of pines was a sensory overload on the way from the airport to the city.

The hotel was in Poblado, which turned out to be quite the rich area of the city or so it seemed in comparison. It was clear and there were so many trees. It was just beautiful.

The food in Antioquia wasn't really all that to be honest.

I was not a fan of the bandeja paisa. It was just so blah. But now I know. One would think I would have been excited about that avocado. But though avocados are the size of a baby's head in Colombia, they seem to be tasteless. They are like water down versions. It was the weirdest thing.

(T:Whatever didnt cost us anything, let's turn it into a party)

Of course, the cable cars were a must and they definitely made sure the experience was rounded. It was easy to see that somethings don't change: the marginalized people are the same everywhere in the world.

We went all the way to Park Arvi, of course and I caught me looking really happy and I was.

Plaza Botero

Snapchat photos because I forgot to take real photos but these empanadas definitely deserve a mention. They were my favorite thing to eat in Medellin!


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