Tuesday, October 4, 2016


After a very long traveling hiatus, I made my way to Colombia!
First stop: Cartagena

It is not a secret that I have wanted to go to Cartagena for years now. I, of course, owe that desire to GGM. Upon arrival, I couldn't help but notice that the smell of guavas he spoke of was nowhere to be  felt. But the heat and humidity were definitely in abundance.
The people in the coast were so nice. I found it suspicious at first, but then I realized that is just how they were. It gave me a little hope for humanity.

The Walled City was just so beautiful...

Of course, walking on the wall itself was a must

So I decided to post this photo because I tried to take a picture of GGM's house, and what do you know I took a picture of the wrong side. What should be showing here is the house on the right... epic photography fail... 

Mandatory sunset on the wall... it was just so beautiful and so surreal when you look a map... 

I forgot to touch her boob... does that mean I won't ever go back to Cartagena?

On the last day, we finally got a coconut!


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