Monday, April 25, 2016

The Latest in The Bay

I made my now annual trip to the bay this past weekend. I tried to take some photo. But since it is always the same, I refrained as much as possible.
I always enjoy my trips to the bay to see my friends and to indulge in college nostalgia. I still love the bay, but I think the kind of love I had before has definitely changed. Anyway, here are some photos to commemorate the trip.
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The usual breakfast at La Note, of course! I know I could be making this at home, but there is something special about making this a stop every time I am in the bay!

S and I on the bart on the way to the City! If we had only known we were going to be sent back to where we came from on the return trip, maybe we would have picked a different time to go back. Cryptic I know. But long story short, there was a guy with a gun in the station where we were headed and so it took an hour to get to where we were going when it should have taken 5 min.

One of the many, many murals in SF!

Oh campus! The beauty!

xoxo, R

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