Friday, May 8, 2015

Rain After Dark

The podcast is finally happening!!!! It is set to go live this summer!!! I am sure all of you guessed from the title of this post that it will be called Rain After Dark!
You can subscribe (HERE) and of course, you will be able to download it on iTunes, and find it in the podcast section of the blog.
For those of you who remember The Colors of Chaos, then you know it was never meant to end. It just became a little difficult to maintain with the job I started back then. I seriously dropped the ball. After thinking about it way more than it is acceptable, I have finally decided that the new project just NEEDED to happen. Of course, the new job allows me a little more time to play with my creative marbles, so that helps.
But let's move on to what everyone wants to know: Rain After Dark will be a blank canvas for us to paint. We will continue to cover an array of topics from social norms, art, and emotions to figments of our imagination and yours. Or you know, life. Sometimes we will dwell in the mundane, sometimes in the meaningful. We will be crazy at times and others a bit more serious.
Creativity cannot be contained. You all know by now that I believe that defining something is limiting it, so we won't go there. But I am really excited for this new adventure! I would like to note that we will occasionally cover world news because, simply put, it matters. There will also be some surprises in the way of having, every so often, some very real guests to help us through some of the chaos.
I do regret that it will not be live, however. Instead, it will be prerecorded and I will post a new episode every two weeks on Tuesdays. I am aiming at 8pm release time just to have some continuity with The Colors of Chaos. Official date will be announced soon, so stay tuned!
The most important part is that all of you continue to send over your questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc to ASHESANDFEATHERS(at)GMAIL(dot)COM because without you there is no podcast! Also, use the #rainafterdark hashtag on twitter and instagram!
I will, of course be posting the promo here soon and I will definitely let you know when it is finally live!

Imagination isn't accurate, but neither is reality.


p.s. I just wanted to mention as a side note that I will be using a pseudonym on the podcast. We all know how I feel about my name, etc.

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