Friday, February 6, 2015


Does anyone remember this? Yes? No? Maybe? How about the many many times I wrote about how I wanted, no, how I needed a new job? Well, today was my last day at that job that made me so very miserable!
I was never happy there, per se. But I did have my fair share of good times and the perks of that job were probably the best I have had from a job. I also did make some good friends whom I will admittedly miss. I do remain hopeful that I will remain in touch with them. But  in the end, I am definitely glad to be leaving. I know I have said it before, but as to semi-quote The Devil Wear Prada: I know there are a million people who would kill for that job, but I am just not one of them.

Here is to a brighter and better future!

"In order to walk on water, you have to get off the boat..."


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