Monday, April 7, 2014

Time Capsule

My phone fell Saturday. It slipped my hand as someone I hadn't seen in years tapped my shoulder. I didn't think anything of it since my phone has fallen so many times in the past 2 years. It didn't have one scratch when my little sister picked it up and handed it back to me.
Oh, but I wasn't prepared for what happened. The screen was gone. It had one blue line through it. When I arrived home, I plugged in to my computer and backed it up. I thought I would go to the Apple store and have the people at the genius bar work their magic. I mean, they call themselves geniuses after all. But... I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.
First stop, my carrier. I naively thought the insurance I had been paying for it would be worth something. But to make a really long story short it was useless and I totally went off on the guy at the store who kept comparing phone insurance to car insurance. Last time I checked car insurance pays for the damn car and then some! But this damn phone insurance was not doing anything. So really he brought that upon himself. An eternity of disappointment later, I went home and planned on going to see if there was anything Apple could do.
Fast forward to more disappointment because the so called apple geniuses told me I will have to buy a new phone. Options, upgrade, of course (which I am not interested in since I do love my 4s) or buy the exact same phone I have directly from Apple, unlocked and not tied to a contract. I decided to waited it out for a couple of weeks because I somehow still believe my phone can be fixed. I mean siri still talks to me if I press the home button, the screen is just the blue lined screen of dead.
In the mean time, my old BlackBerry curve came to the rescue! Oh, surprise! Surprise!
  • It has become one of those calls/text messages phones because the software on it is so outdated and, honestly, it is not worth it for me to take the time to upgrade everything.
  • It was a time capsule to look through the photos it still has.
  • I can't type in it because my fingers hurt.
  • I have missed the light that tells me I have a message when it is on silent mode.
  • I can't believe at some point I used to think I could rule the world with it.

It will definitely be a sort of detox to have such a simple phone for a few weeks (I NEVER thought I would call the BlackBerry "simple phone"). I am curious to see if I will get used to it and how it will be when I get a new iphone. But for now I am just going to have rekindle my relationship with my old BlackBerry.


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