Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Camping: Kern River

This past weekend, I made a very last minute decision to go on my very first camping trip! It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  The only downside is how tired I was after. But even so, being a definite city girl, I cannot wait to do it again!

First, roadtrip. We went to the Kern River which is northeast of Bakersfield, about 3 and a half hours away. We went passed the camping grounds though because we wanted to get as far as up as possible, both so the water would be clearer and also so we wouldn't have signal.

The sunset on the way there was pretty, but also not a good thing because by the time we made it to the camping site, it was pitch black!

First things first: Fire to keep us warm because it was almost freezing and the temperature just kept dropping until sunrise.

For building the tents at night only using lamps, I believe we did pretty damn well! Do you see the river in the far right? Yup, we were that close!

The water was so clear! It was just so pretty!

Beautiful views everywhere!

In the middle of nowhere, that is where we were...

This is as far as I went because the water was FREEZING!

Yes, that is really as far as I went. May I add, the river was also moving quite fast. I thought it was going to drag me with it for a cool second. 

There were quite a few of us! Not picture: those who apparently were comfortable sleeping. How? I do not know.

Oh, did I mention we were shooting at soda cans and bullseye? Yeah, I totally hit them the first try!

See how bright the sun was? Yeah, it got pretty hot during the day and despite all my efforts I came back as white as I went. Tsk tsk


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