Saturday, February 8, 2014


I can hear the rain outside my window. Its soft whistles are almost singing me a lullaby. But I think it can tell when I start to drift and it is not quite ready to let me go. Suddenly I hear a loud noise and I almost jump out of bed, but quickly realize it is the rain simply knocking harder on my window so I don’t fall asleep. It wants me awake. It wants my attention. I fight it. I am afraid if I listen, I will stay awake all night listening to the sweet melody it sings with the droplets hitting the window and then parading their way down the glass. I try to convince myself I should sleep but my curiosity is peeked and I want to hear the full song. The rain and I have spent many nights like this. I just can't resist its charm. Truth be told, I don't want to. Still I really do try to fall asleep but after a while I give in. I always do. I do want to listen to the soft whistles. I want to see the droplets dance around the glass and fall to their deaths. I want to see them grow into puddles and watch them evaporate when the sun rises. I want to listen to the loud noises. I want to build my own melodies with them as I listen to the rain through the night. I want thunder and lightning! I want a storm! ©2.6.14


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