Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Broken Soul

It only takes a second for a soul to break. And, seconds later it rebuilds itself. Over and over. Slowly trying to match the pieces to where they belong. The light slips through the cracks until it is back to complete darkness. Healed.
There is a gap that seems abismal, but it's merely the size of a splinter that found its way inside a bell jar. At first, it tried to escape, but the voice of the soul calling for it faded away. The splinter just lies there waiting for its freedom.
The soul will never be the same. 
The soul knows itself incomplete, but it prefers to stare at the missing piece from a distance. There is something so seductive about a little light. It is the barely peaking that adds a little mystery to the darkness. But it interrups the calm and causes a storm.
Thrive. Struggle. Survive. Enjoy the rain. ©7.8.13


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