Sunday, June 30, 2013

Basking in darkness

I have a hate/love relationship with happiness.
Happiness is never well rounded. It only comes in parts and sporadically. It is a tease. It is only after it evaporates that I realized it was even there. When I see it from afar, it appears to have been complete. In the moment, however, it is a puzzle.
I prefer basking in the darkness of the unhappiness. In those moments, I am aware the light is off. But I know it can be turned on. It isn't a blurry view. It is dark. There is no doubt. I hate the moments of lights merely peeking in. No, don't do that! Either come in or leave! I don't have time for games. Light up the room or leave me in the dark.

"Unhappiness is what makes people get up and do things. It's the precede of happiness people need, not necessarily its attainment." -Murder in Manhattan


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