Friday, May 10, 2013

Ojos Indígenas Ecological Reserve

Before leaving paradise, we went for a swim at the fresh water lagoons in the ecological reserve. The water was beyond freezing, which was rather strange, but it was still one of those things to remember.

 photo IMG_0561_zps636bf5dc.jpg

 photo IMG_0571_zps8bae7eb8.jpg

 photo IMG_0574_zps74b1f4e2.jpg

 photo IMG_0577_zps1d803c85.jpg

 photo IMG_0582_zpsaf0f0f59.jpg

 photo IMG_0599_zps6c5833e4.jpg

 photo IMG_0604_zps4b59789d.jpg

The enemy that ran us out of the lagoon...
 photo IMG_0613_zps3ab0afe3.jpg


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