Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grandpa's Phrases

I saw my grandpa last weekend and as usual it was the best!
We talked a lot, of course, which is one of my favorite things to do: talk to my grandpa. He has too many stories and so much wisdom to share. This time though I also cried a lot because he said things that he had never said before and I couldn't handle it. Some were sad and others were very happy. I won't go into the sad details because... just no. But on the happy notes he said I am like his daughter because I grew up in his house. I cried so much. I love my grandpa to the moon and back, seriously. Well, my grandma too. They are the coolest ever!
My grandpa was so happy he said he could drink a whole bottle of tequila, and although he did not, he did have a drink with us.
Some of my grandpa's phrases below:

El chiste de tomar es uno tomarse el vino, no que el vino se lo tome a uno. (T: The thing about drinking is that one should be drinking the wine, not letting the wine drink up your life.)
La vida es bonita y hay que aprender a vivirla y a andar entre la lumbre y no quemarse. (T: Life is beautiful, and we must learn to live it and walk through fire without getting burn.)
Ni los dedos de las manos son parejos. (T: Not even the fingers of one hand are even.)
Aprender no hace daño. (T: Learning doesn't hurt.)


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