Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dominican Food

Dominican food I feel is not very different in terms of ingredients than Mexican food, and it was simply delicious. The hotel only had American type food, so we only ate breakfast there since it was included. I did love their fruit selection and the view.
We found a restaurant near the hotel from which we pretty much tried the whole menu. I have no regrets about that. My absolute favorite was the passion fruit juice. It might have been because so far I have only had passion fruit in Mexico and it reminded me of my own homeland. In any case, I could seriously drink that everyday for the rest of my life.
We also made a friend at this restaurant, Dariana told us all about the culture. It was definitely great to learn about it from a local person that was very genuine and did not hold her tongue when telling us all about her people and her country. 

Breakfast view...
 photo IMG_0482_zpsf3b2f1d6.jpg

This was our spot!
 photo IMG_0553_zps838d8319.jpg

Let's eat!
 photo IMG_0623_zps80a20547.jpg

This was my favorite!
 photo IMG_0384_zps25709d92.jpg

Fancy juice! Literally, it was just juice. It was what in Mexico we would call agua fresca.
 photo IMG_0552_zps929f11f9.jpg

Mofongo... a typical and delicious dish.
 photo IMG_0626_zps5f50fb97.jpg

The national beer
 photo IMG_0635_zps656eb11b.jpg

A special thanks to Dariana for treating/feeding us so well!
 photo IMG_0629_zpsd81149c6.jpg

Coconut liquor, not to be confused with rum.
 photo IMG_0631_zps6a6cdcd6.jpg

Last night at paradise drinks
 photo IMG_0651_zpsb11f7a13.jpg


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