Sunday, April 21, 2013

This I Know

I know the scar on your forehead is from your days spent learning how to walk. I know you have many others from... life.
I know you laugh a lot; and, I know your eyes squint when you do. It's as if you are trying to hide.
I know your eyes are the color of honey and shine like it too. I know I could get lost in them and find myself again.
I know you don't like reading because you prefer spending time doing things instead of imagining them.
I know you sigh when you are upset. I know I hate when that happens specially when it is my fault.
I know you have more than 78 eyelashes on your left eyelid because I tried counting them, but there were too many so I stopped.
I know when you hold me in your arms the world melts away.
I know so many things, so many details that amount to nothing when exposed. But in the chaos of the unknown somehow I know... ©4.16.13

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