Monday, April 22, 2013


Yesterday, I went bike riding in the canyons with my brother again. It had been a long time. It took me a few minutes to once again become accustomed to the sort of uncomfortable position of holding on to him without hitting his helmet with mine. The wind was blowing hard as we were going 120+ mph, I struggled to remain fixed at an angle where I could both have a view and avoid the wind hitting me straight. It was exhilarating!
I held on as in the past and the discomfort quickly faded away. I slowly forgot the strong wind and let the excitement set in. The adrenaline was rushing through and let myself be owned by it. By the time we reached the canyons, I was ready for it. Up we went and the curvy road was the perfect track! We went past the fog and the sun began warming us up slowly. Suddenly, it was blazing hot and we sped up and the wind saved us. The road just kept appearing ahead and we followed it. We made turns and went up and down and up and down again. Then, we saw the clouds below us... the fog we figured out later as we continued our decline back into the road that would take us home.
We reached the fog again. It was so thick that the visors on the helmets were completely covered in water, which blocked our view completely. We had to slow down a bit, but only for a little while. Soon we were back on the main freeway and on our way home...
The ride reminded me of my pre-broken ankle plans to buy my own. So it is time to revisit those plans and start searching again!


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