Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My friend S invited me to her house warming party and I jumped at the opportunity to visit my beloved Bay Area. I have been so stressed that I needed to get away for a cool minute.
I miss good public transportation! I hate having to drive everywhere not to mention LA traffic.
I had tea and macarons with L! Delicious!
Party time! It was one of the funnest parties ever! There was a live band and food and drinks, of course!
One meal of the 597 I had this weekend. I ate so much this weekend that I think I gained ten pounds!
Obligatory walk on campus! (Note: No filter)
Spotted: Random street heart.
Discovering new views of the Bay never gets old and it is more beautiful every time. This one is at Indian Rock and I understand sunsets here are magical, so that is my homework for next time I go.
After all the delays from hell, there it finally was in all of its polluted glory: Downtown Los Angeles.

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