Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Under the same moon

When the sky is clear, I can hear the moon whisper stories of nights past. As I try to listen carefully, I am reminded of the many times we have sat together looking up at the night sky enjoying its beauty. The moon has so much to say and so little time. She is always running away from the sun. If she stops for too long to tell me about how she can see you from where she is, she runs the risk of being caught by him. I don't know why she is trying to run away, I tell her. She should just give in. She should let the sun's passion embrace her. I try to reason with her, but she doesn't listen.
Tonight, we are under the same moon. Together, but apart.


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    I think that this blog is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

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