Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Collecting sunsets

My addiction to sunsets has developed an obsession that needs to be documented so I have decided to collect them as to capture their ethereal existence and give them an eternal life. The adventure has proven a lot more difficult than it sounds. Though there is a new opportunity to increase the collection every day, not all are worthy of it. It is a strange thing really, but rather beautiful. Some days it seems that the sun is consuming itself and I barely have time to attempt to capture the essence of what is happening, and then I realized it isn't good evidence of what I experienced. Other days, it is as if the sun is being slowly whisked away into a different dimension and I try to appropriate the events and I fail again. There are a lot of failed attempts. But the one when I do succeed, are worth all the times I do not.
Some days the transition is slow and other not so much, or so it feels. In any case, sunsets are my current favorite thing.
The obsession began last year. I slowly made time to enjoy them though unconsciously at first. Later, I consciously made plans to explore new angles that would allow for a different experience without losing the essence. My absolute favorite is aging well, but the collection has barely just begun...


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