Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cloud hike

It has been over a year since my last hiking expedition. It has taken a long time to be comfortable enough to be able to do it again after breaking my ankle. I really did think I would be ready sooner, but I was not. I tried. I really did try, but after a while the reality that I needed more time set in. It is incredible how despite being "legally healed," the road to healing was barely beginning. Truth be told, I really couldn't wait to be able to hike again. It was one of the two things I told my therapist I needed to be able to do again post broken ankle. I was eager to spend the mornings immersed in that sort of serenity that only comes from hiking.
So this past weekend, I finally managed to go hiking again. I say finally because despite trying before I never really accomplished it. I would start and almost right away had to admit I couldn't do it anymore and give up. But not this weekend!
I went hiking... in the clouds!
It was my usual spot with the view to the ocean, but the fog was so thick that I could barely see a quarter of a mile ahead. I felt like I was in the clouds. It was a beautiful setting for my first post broken ankle hike. I cannot wait to do this every weekend as I used to the past!


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