Sunday, February 10, 2013


I woke up. Horizontal. Surprised. Confused. Scared?
Seconds ago, I wasn't there. I was standing in front of the tub ever so poetically. I was ready to drown.
My sorrows in champagne would feast.
It had been one of those long days. Eternal almost. One of those days that feel like a waste because of how uselessly productive they tend to be.
How was I now in bed under the sheets and wearing pajamas? Did I have that much champagne? Perhaps. Perhaps it had all been a dream fueled by my desire to rest and start the new day fresh and with renewed energy.
A dream it was indeed, I decided.
I turned around intending to continue to dream my life away. Asleep I seemed to have the most magical adventures.
I could feel the bed disappear and my body float away into...
I was staring out of the window into the city lights waiting for sunrise. It was that magical moment when the sky is at that perfect in between when the darkness seems to be melting into the blue of the lit up sky. It was that exact moment at which the city looks ever so flawless. Ephemeral even, yet it endures the rising sun without evaporating.I was holding a cup of steaming coffee. I waited for sunrise as I observed the city transform itself. Then, I remembered I had the water running in the tub. Opening a bottle of champagne seemed like the natural next step. The sun had just set anyway and the city lights lit up further than my eyes could see.
I opened my eyes still in the tub. I confused memories with dreams. I took one more sip of champagne before stepping out of the tub. Dreams were already brewing in my head.


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