Monday, December 10, 2012

RIP Jenni Rivera

I am at a loss for words. I feel like I lost something that wasn't even mine.
Yesterday, the news broke that a private jet that was to take Jenni Rivera, and other six people, from Monterrey to Toluca had lost contact with control towers and plummeted shortly thereafter in Nuevo León, México.
Once they announced the wreckage was found, it was made public that the jet blew into thousands of pieces and it would take a while to recover enough evidence to investigate reasons for the crash as well as to recover the black box. Yet, they found her ID only slightly burned.
There was a rumor circulating that she felt her dead coming as she told her fans at her last concert that night before the crash that all the newspapers would be speaking about her the next morning and that she would go thank God for another day of life.
I find everything extremely suspicious. Did I mention there is the possibility that the jet didn't have a black box because of the year it was made? Also since there is no body, I would rather entertain the idea that she is somewhere happy watching the news about her alleged dead because she was a living legend, larger than life and it was time for her to escape and live her life with her family even if that meant leaving millions of fans saddened.
La Diva de la Banda will live on forever!


p.s. I don't approve of all the coverage of her dead in the American media. They fail to understand that her dead is not what made her a legend because she already was a legend. Her catastrophic dead made her immortal.

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