Sunday, December 9, 2012

Knock out

There was a beautiful punch towards the end of the sixth round that settled the rivalry. Everyone knew there would not be a Márquez vs Pacquiao 5, so this was it. The final chance to settle rumors. It was the opportunity to clear up conspiracies and what the fans had seen in previous fights. Last night was the night that would make history, and it did.
Márquez did not disappoint. The fight started slow as if the boxers were measuring each other. It seemed unnecessary as this was their fourth fight. It felt as if they were scared to mess up their fresh manicures. But they picked up the pace. Well, Márquez did. He knocked down Pacquiao on the 3rd round. For a few seconds Pacquiao's feet were in the air. It was a nice punch, but not strong enough.
Pacquiao came back strong after that. Round four and Márquez was bleeding heavily through his nose. He seemed to be having difficulty breathing, but he was determined to settle the score.
Round 5. Minor set back for Márquez. Pacquiao got a good punch in and Márquez bent his knees as if falling but didn't make it to the ground. He recovered quickly and continued punching away.
Then, on round 6 the most amazing punch happened. Pacquiao moved to apply his signature 1, 2 to Márquez in an attempt to take advantage of all the bleeding. But he was not expecting what happened next. He did a one, but never made it to two. Márquez surprised him with a powerful right hook that took Pacquiao by surprise and off he went to take a nap. It was fast, and it was definitive. Final. The referee didn't even count because Pacquiao was so out that for a few seconds everyone feared for his life.


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