Sunday, December 30, 2012

Farewell 2012

It is time again to reflect upon the year that is ending. I could definitely say that I have had better years, yet 2012 wasn't completely filled with negatives. It did not start with much promise, so I should have perhaps anticipated the sort of disaster that was awaiting me. I know it is easy to say that in retrospect, but I really thought I could change it. I thought I could make the year better than it began. I kept thinking that all the way to the end. It never happened.
At some point 2012 taught me how to fall apart and how to pick up the pieces and put them back together. Of course, I realize now that the darkness of the broken ankle days is simply great material for my autobiography or one of my (to be published) books. But it doesn't change the fact that everything I planned for my fabulous come back to turn the year around seemed to vanish with the wind as soon as I spoke the words once and again.
It is worth noting, however, that some other memorable things did take place. One in particular that seems to be blurred through the days, but I can certainly say it occurred.
The most important lesson I learned this year was that I am stronger than I think. I hope to carry that lesson into next year and learn how to transform that strength into achieving my goals.
For now, I just want to bid farewell to the year that ends in a better manner than I welcomed it. I want to change the tides by doing so because it means I would be welcoming the upcoming year with grandeur and it could set the tone for the next 365 days to be exeptional!

Here is to a magically amazing 2013!


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