Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Things happen that make one see life in perspective.
Yesterday, I received some very good news. I cried tears of joy. Interesting how that works. I said things I really never expected to hear myself say. But I will stand by them.
Though I am a bit sad that a shadow so big had to exist to make me appreciate the sun, I am mostly happy and fully intend to not let anything stand on my way to enjoy the sunny days.
Cryptic, I know. Unfortunately, I cannot truly explain what this is about without saying it verbatim and that is not something I can and want to talk about. Someone once told me that saying things out loud makes them real and the only thing I want real right now is that the shadow has been lifted and happiness has settled in.

Here is to the shadow NEVER EVER EVER appearing again. Happiness must reign supreme!



  1. ¿Qué es, que es?...no te creas. I'm happy for you, whatever it may be.



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