Friday, November 30, 2012


Away is my favorite place.

Away is where I want to be. But through time I have learned that running away from something, someone, somewhere is not the way to go. I must be running away to something. There must be a purpose to the running. There must be a reason waiting for me on this magical land of away. Even knowing that, I still continue to try to just run away over and over.
Yesterday, I found myself with google maps open in one window and expedia on the other trying to figure out where to go during my christmas break. I clearly have issues. In my defense, however, I had it all figured out until things fell apart once and again. So it is time to make new plans and make them happen because I am running out of time. I have two weeks off that must not be wasted! Any suggestions?

I tried to capture the beauty of the red autumn tree against the clouds; and I thought I failed. But now I am not so sure.


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