Friday, October 26, 2012

YHP 2012

The party was last Wednesday. It was much better than last year in different levels. The venue, Greystone Manor, was better though strangely enough it is owned by the same company who owns the one from last year.
There was some sort of circus show halfway through the whole thing courtesy of one of the would be go go dancers that had some serious skills! The best thing, however, was definitely the music. There were multiple djs, but Bob Sinclar was without a doubt the best attraction of the event!

Props to the skills she has! I am jealous!

The lights looked like bubble wrap!


Obligatory outfit of the night photo...

LV and F, my accomplices of the night.

The rest of the group... please note I was kind of forced to be in this picture, which should be obvious from my expression. I just wanted it to be over.


p.s. Excuse the crappy iphone pictures. I forgot my camera. I know... the horror!

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