Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Time

We had an impromptu family reunion this weekend. About 75% of the family was reunited at the cool grandparents' home on this side of the border. We definitely miss the other 25% who couldn't attend due to varying circumstances. My grandma made her famous birria for dinner on Saturday. Then, we had huchepos for supper. Sunday morning we had menudo with freshly made tortillas. There was also a pumpkin pie and corn bread for some unknown reason to me. I suspect my aunt just felt specially experimental. In any case, I feel like I ate more this weekend than I had the whole week before. Did I mention there was tequila, wine and beer? Normal rules don't apply at the cool grandparents' home. I love those family reunions. The cool side of the family reunions, that is. Also, I love the cool grandparents' to the moon and back!

The sunrise on our way up north...

We went walnut picking with my grandma!

Not only am I allowed to seat at the adult table now, but I can have a drink with them too! (To be fair though, I was able to do this since I turned 18, but it is still exciting!)

As in the good old times, I had to baby sit. But I decided to stop watching the kids play and join them!

The sunset... I was so excited about being able to see the stars!

On the way back, we made the obligatory stop at Casa de Fruta and my mom and I decided to do some wine tasting before choosing some bottles to bring home!

The moon was staring at us... we were almost home!


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