Monday, October 29, 2012

Dory and Nemo

I also remember my uncle, mom's brother, had a dog that I definitely loved even though I was scared to dead of him. My other uncle, dad's brother, had another dog later on which saved his life many times. I was very sad to leave behind my own dogs when I left. But I knew I couldn't bring them with me. It was understood they would take care of the house.
A couple of years ago, I wrote this post about the new dogs my parents brought home. I wasn't very excited about them because, despite the above, I am not much of a dog person, but I always had a dog when I was growing up. After the first one died and I was too young to understand, my parents got me a new one and he died recently and I was really sad. But I was not there, so it didn't hit that bad.
Today, I am surprised to find myself crying as an adult for dogs that my dad decided to take away even though I didn't really play with them. I did feed them a few times through the years. They got in trouble a few times and I will confess that I did think of sending them back to the shelter once but I would never dare. I was speaking in a moment of anger. My dad apparently was too angry at them today and he just took them back. Yes, just like that. My mom tried to convince him not to, but he wouldn't listen. The worst part is he let the new dog we got a couple of months ago stay. I want him out too. If we can't have Dory and Nemo, then Olivier shouldn't be able to stay either.
I know they are not going to survive for long now that they aren't home and that makes me really sad. They are not used to living in a cage. They have always ran free in our backyard, which is rather big all things considered. They are not used to the cold. They have had blankets and a little house since they were puppies. I am sure nobody will adopt them together and if they are separated they will die of sadness. I am crying because I am sad and because they don't deserve that and I couldn't help them. Losing them was like losing all the dogs we ever had when we were growing up all over again and all at once.

Dory and Nemo, I am sorry I wasn't home to defend you. I am sorry. I love you.


Update: 10/31/12 My dad decided to go back to the shelter. It turns out that even he was sad they were gone, but he was trying to hide it. I am so glad Dory and Nemo are back! We had missed them so much!

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