Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Time is parading by and on its way it is leaving me behind one day closer to disappearing completely from this planet every day. My dreams aren't fading with time. I still want to leave a mark as much as I did before it not more. It is time to step back to reality but not in the "accepting it" type of way I seem to have been hostage of. I mean it as in the "I don't like it and I need to change it asap" type of way.
Being on a plane again after so long looking down at the ground reminded me of how good life can be sometimes...if only I try. So here is to weaving a new plan that will adjust reality for the better!

Los pájaros nacidos en jaula creen que volar es una enfermedad.*
-Alejandro Jodorowski

*Translation: Birds born in a cage believe flying is an illness.


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