Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Beauty is so commonplace, I read somewhere, some day a while ago.
Perspective matters.
I feel like the more time passes by I learn to not only look at things but truly observe. Of course, I don't do as often as I should. But when I do, it makes a difference.
I have found myself dreaming of long trips, long walks, long swims, watching the sunset, spending the day at a coffeeshop reading/writing, even watching the sunrise... things I always crave, but I don't seem to manage doing. There has been a downpour of ideas and possibilities and yet I am still practically in the same place. I always ambisioned myself on the move enjoying the scenery. Baby steps, I suppose. But how can I start crawling when all I know how to do is run? I just need to learn how to stop crashing.
I will not claim that I am learning to be patient because I am not. I have tried, but that is an art I cannot master. But one day, maybe the world will learn to keep up. Until then, I will just have to accept that even the last minute has sixty seconds...


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