Friday, August 24, 2012


I saw the moon perfectly framed staring back at the earth the other night. The sight reminded me of the night many years ago when I spotted the full moon through a window at the library while studying for a midterm. I was doomed. I decided to write her a poem title Doña Tentación (Miss Temptation) instead of studying. Of course, I still got an A on that midterm, for those who cared.
If my obsession with the moon wasn't already obvious, below a little I wrote her the other night inspired by the below image I took to make it clearer.

Peeking through the night
Trying to tempt the sun.
Moving slowly...
To allow for admiration,
But moving
Framed in a perfect stance
Waiting to be seduced,
Convinced to remain...
To be remembered,
And be long gone.
She tires and runs away,
Abandoning her quest.
Not turning back to see
The sun is chasing after her.


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