Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unusual rain

It rained in LA last week. Yes, it rained in LA... in July!
At first, I thought I might have been hallucinating when I noticed it was drizzling as I drove away from work on Thursday evening. But as I kept driving, I realized it was real! It was raining in LA in July! What?! How could it be possible? Oh, wait! I know! I know! Rain courtesy of global warming! Hahaha
But I love the rain, so it was magical! The rain was falling in between the downtown skyscrapers as if falling into a trap. A circular abyss they could never escape. The droplets could be seen against the street lights as they gasped for a last chance of life... if only they could create a pond big enough to survive, if only the didn't have to evaporate and be forced to commit suicide again in the near future. If they had that choice, the beauty would be lost.
Oh, but it was not over! Mother nature seemed to be having fun while playing this July rain trick on us. On Friday, when I drove to work, it was raining again. But this time it was pouring though in the typical by-zip-code LA manner. It still surprises me every time!
At the end, even if the rain was intermittent, the inspiration was not. I mean, how often does it rain out of the blue exactly in between the last raining season and the next in Los Angeles?! Hell! How often does it rain in LA at all?


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