Friday, July 13, 2012

Downtown LA Art Walk

Last night, Lucy and I decided to make an appearance at the art walk and I was disappointed. Though some of the art was rather good, the most exciting thing was escaping right before a riot broke out. I seriously expected more. I was mislead by the hype around it.

When I started seeing the walls around where we were walking to find the lounge, I got kind of excited about it! Looking at the walls gave me high hopes for the galleries.

The lounge had an amazing 3D exhibit! Words cannot do justice to how beautiful it was! It was definitely a favorite from the whole event/walk.

There was a gallery that was getting a lot of foot traffic, so we decided to check it out. The coolest thing was the papel mache nopales that were outside.

Though I will admit, the hearts inside were pretty damn cool too!

It also had tons of calaveras inside and outside, which we realized was the reason for the foot traffic.

 Then, we saw another exhibit that was literally alive. There was a girl with air being blown to her and her dress kept moving and she was barely blinking. The lights kept changing as well, which made it seem cooler. However, we noticed there were three more of these girls as we walked, so we got over it: too much of a good thing is not necessarily good.

This little guys were one of my favorite things from everything I saw. Kiss! Kiss!

Finally, we saw her at a bookstore. It was quite powerful I felt. One could definitely go on about her. Yet, being silent and observing can also say so much.


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