Thursday, June 21, 2012

TV free summer

I have decided to quit tv for the summer!
I will admit that I am not exactly a very avid tv watcher, but I do enjoy my fair share of series. I also have a tendency to become obsessed with relatively old shows and watch them completely from episode 1 to the last one, whatever number that is. For example, I recently caught up with the complete Mad Men series. Yes, I know I am so late to it, but for what it's worth: I LOVE IT!
A tv free summer means I will not be watching tv series -on my computer (I am sure everyone knows I haven't owned a tv since I went to college). Yes, I will indulge in a few trips to the movie theathre to watch some movies for which I have been waiting for a while. Also, there will be a very sepcial exeption to this rule: Olympic Games! I will most likely watch some of the competitions, when and if I have time as the time zone difference will make it difficult to keep up.
Now on to the important part: the reason why I am quitting tv.
I am quitting tv because I desperately need to catch up on my reading. My list of books to read is rather extensive, not to mention my shelves. I cannot bear that. Books are one of the things I love most and I need to show them so. Also, after spending two months looking at life pass by through my window while I sat on my bed, I think it is time for me to be on the other side of the window!
Here is to a great summer spent outside!!


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