Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The incision area is still pretty bruised, but it is starting to look better. Unfortunately, the allergy is still giving me problems, but it appears to be disappearing as time goes by. In one section I can tell the nerves are still on top of the plate because any contact makes me feel my toes tingling as if they were moving, but there is no movement. Also, it still hurts but not in the "this is how it will hurt for the rest of your life" type of way. It seems to be more because it is still sore and becoming accustomed to the plate and the screws. In any case, the healing itself is done. Now it is time to strength the muscle and regain my balance so I can be as close to normal as I will ever be again.


p.s. Below an awkward close up of what the scar looks like now. Interestingly enough, in the picture my foot looks terribly swollen, and while it is a bit swollen, it is not nearly as bad as it looks here.

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