Monday, May 7, 2012

Tall order

These past few days, I have been using one of the crutches to hold on to because I don't seem to have balance. I feel like I start falling off to the side if I try to take a few steps without any support. But today the doctor told me I need to stop using my beloved one crutch support system and prepare to transition off the boot within the next two weeks. I am both scared and excited!
But it is not over yet, of course. He gave me an ankle brace that is pretty intense for when I am off the boot and start wearing snickers. In other words, I will have it on with the snickers, which I am trying to figure out how to do. He also said I should wear it to sleep, which is good because sleeping with the boot is not the business!
In other of the same news, the therapist told me I am making progress. Slowly, but good progress nonetheless. With that said, I am hoping that I am back in balance soon, so I can actually let go of the crutch and start walking on the boot. I can't wait until I am wearing the brace because it means I will be closer to being completely healed.
Finally, the doctor also gave me a scar cream. I know I will still have a scar left, but this helps. It means there will be less of scar to love than I had anticipated.
So new transition here I come! I can't wait for June!

The lovely ankle brace. Ha!


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