Saturday, May 26, 2012

Magical Comfort Food

We have always placed such an importance in who says those so called magic three little words first or when, but does it really matter? Some people really want to hear it and others simply cannot be bothered nor affected by whether those words have been said or not.
Some people rush into expressing what they feel even before they know exactly what that is. Fear to lose that someone? Simple confusion? Honest mistake? Justifiable because...?
The most common case, of course, is of people who use past experiences to judge their present ones. For example, there are those who have had bad experiences, so they shut themselves a bit in the romantic realm; even if they are still out there, they are rather cautious. But there are also those who have "loved and lost," yet remain optimistic. There are also those who choose to express themselves because "we only get one chance," must not be forgotten. We should take advantage of the opportunities we have. It's better to know a truth that might hurt, than to wonder what if.
Others choose to express a "feeling" that is not there for fear of rejection. In the same way, people say those words due to the same fear should they not verbally requite the feeling. But this is a double-edged sword. In some instances, the person hearing those words might be afraid of compromise and react in an unsuspected way, namely dismissing not only the expression but the whole relationship. Then, there is also the case of people who are not very expressive, so they choose to remain quit. They would rather show how they feel. Either way, there is no common ground. Everyone wants to hear it, but nobody wants to say it. Everyone wants to be shown someone cares about them, but nobody wants to show they care about someone else.
Finally, there are those who believe that having someone else express love for them makes them feel special. It does not matter whether it is real or not, what matters is that it was professed.

Love is magical comfort food for the weak and uneducated. It makes you feel all warm and relevant, but in the end loves leaves you weak, dependent and fat. 
-Jon Lucas

Au contraire, it is the most expensive social concept anyone could ever invest in. In the same way, of course, it is also a great business strategy.


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