Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As I walked through the exhibit of the findings of an expedition that has lasted 20 years so far, and will continue through time, I thought about how powerful Cleopatra was in her time and by today's standards. I wanted to write a full essay about her life to post along with the below images. But then, I heard the end of the audio aid that accompanies the exhibit and decided to disregard my ideas. Those last words on the audio as if they were narrated by Cleopatra herself, are more powerful than anything I could have thought of. So I leave you with those words:

"Octavian tried to erase all traces of me off the face of the earth. He ordered my statues destroyed, but I ask you, who amongst you remembers Octavian?"

The entrance to the exhibit


Digital reconstruction of the port of Alexandria in ancient times.

Statue believed to be Cleopatra found underwater.

Status of Osiris and Isis.

Isis. Osiris.

Naos. What we know in the present day as a calendar.


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