Friday, April 27, 2012


Today was the first day of therapy. I was scared because my nerves are obviously stuck together from not using my foot for over two months. It was painful, but not as much as I had expected. It was also surprisingly difficult, though.
The therapist asked me my goals -I said hiking and wearing heels- at the beginning of the session and I feel certain that I will accomplish them. I obviously still can't walk without the crutches. I use them for support though I am putting my weight partly on my foot. It is so crazy, but I could tell there was an improvement right after as I "walked" to the car. I can only imagine how great the results will be at the end of this chapter in the broken ankle book will be.
I have homework aka exercises to do at home.  I have never been this excited about homework before. I really cannot wait until I can walk again, so I am following instructions to the letter.
One session down, eleven to go!

She massaged my foot. I didn't know if I should cry because it hurt or I should laugh because she was tickling me.

One of the many exercises she had me do. It was so simple, but so very difficult. I was really confused. The allergy is still not completely gone, but it is so much better.

Who knew ice could be so cold?! Ha!


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