Friday, March 16, 2012

Quarter of a Century

There truly isn't any other day I dislike more during the year than my birthday.
Twisted, I know. People's birthday is "normally" their favorite day of the year. I see birthdays very differently. I certainly don't see the reason to celebrate, not on my own birthday anyway. But I will willingly celebrate other people's.
When it comes to my birthday, my views become a little illogical some people would say. Despite what everyone around me says, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. I have not made anything of my life. I still have a job, not a career. I hate cubicle world, but I don't seem to find my way out of it. I am still not rich. I still live in a city I don't like. I still haven't been published, which is the thing that not only hurts the most, but the only one that physically hurts. In other words, my birthday is a reminder of my shortcomings. It reminds me that another year went by and my list of goals remains the same. Under construction and unexecuted.
I must take action! One step at a time, slowly, perhaps, but without a stop. I want to look back a year from now to a changed list with multiple items scratched off and a few more added. I want to have a reason to celebrate under my standards. But for now, here is to adding one more candle to the damn cake, which I don't even like!

Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing. 
-Benjamin Franklin


p.s. Thanks to everyone for blowing up my phone with birthday wishes!

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