Monday, March 5, 2012

Crazy Stories

Some of the stories people have told me to use in regards to the reason for my broken ankle considering the truth is so very lame.
  • I was learning how to ride a motorcycle.
  • I was saving a baby from the train tracks.
  • I fell off the roof while trying to tan.
  • I was chasing a paletero and tripped. 
  • I had a car accident.
  • I was crushing someone's skull with my heel.
Below the picture of my ankle post-op. It looks straight now compared to the pre-op xray. I almost passed out when the doctor bent my foot before putting the temporary cast on so it heals properly. The temp cast will come out in two weeks so the doctor can take off the staples. He told me I have to be in bed rest. It is so very frustrating. After he takes off the staples, I will get another cast which I will have for about six weeks and then I will need therapy. He also said it will take at least three months to fully recover. It is going to be a long process, but I can't wait to heal!
**Side note: Yes, I look forward to the mess it will be to go through security at airports. Haha


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