Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have been talking about conciencitas for ages, but since they are not sold anywhere near me, it took rather long to figure out how to acquire them. Oh, trust me, I tried in many different ways. But finally, the conciencitas, little consciences, have arrived!
My newly acquired conciencita will sit on my ear and, hopefully, whisper its wisdom when I need it the most.
I bought the Artistic little conscience, which is supposed to provide me with irrational creativity and serve as a source of never ending inspiration.
I think they are so cool that I bought some for my sisters as well. My sister went with the Loving little conscience, which is supposed to give her love advice, of the romantic, familial and self kind. My little sister chose the Oneiric little conscience, which is supposed to help her sleep and make her have sweet dreams every night... as if she didn't sleep enough already! haha


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