Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance Homicide

Valentine's Day is a one day container for love when it becomes acceptable in societal terms to be hypocrites and pretend "love is inthe air" for and from everyone. It has a history that most people are unaware of. As a result, most people simply adhere to a more commercial view of the day.
Valentine's Day is the day in which romance is officially murdered every year though it is disguised as doing the exact opposite. It is a competition to display the so called love felt for someone special in a way others can admire -read: be jealous of- or to find someone whom to "love" -even for the day-, for that matter. It relies on a now broken platonic idea of perfect love. Platonic because it is nonexistent; and, broken because Valentine's Day has managed to single handedly destroy the fantasy of its possible existence.
Valentine's Day killed the idea of spontaneity and indirectly advocates the expectation of an act of romance, love and the like. The element of surprise is one of the foundations of romance. The very idea of modern times Valentine's Day ruins that from the root. Valentine's Day markets a product, namely romance. It ceased to be an act or a collection thereof. It is now packaged and sold. It comes in multiple presentations and with varying price tags. We can thank Valentine's Day for that.
If we really cared about someone, we wouldn't need a day to remind us to show them so.

I can't promise you a happy ending, but I fully intend on arranging for a great story!


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