Friday, February 3, 2012

Hidden Chronicles

-Why are you two fighting?! Stop it. I am not in the mood to hear your arguments.
-We are not arguing!

-Of course, you are not.

-Fine, he doesn’t agree with me. I am over trying to make him understand that I am right. He should just follow my lead. I know what I am doing.

-No, no, no. I can’t do that! You are wrong! I am trying to make you understand. I am the one who what is going on and not you.

-I think this isn’t for one or the other to decide. I think both of you need to run your ideas by me. We can look at pros and cons, and then we can decide together.

-You are hilarious, did you know? If we run ideas through you, we are NEVER going to reach a conclusion.

-I feel offended! I am the only one who can decide. I admit that it could be difficult and I know I need to hear both of you, but I cannot only listen to one of you and go from there. I need to hear both. BOTH!

-I have never let you down. I have always helped you. I have always had your best interest in mind.

-So you are saying that I haven’t? So everything that goes wrong is my fault?!

-Well, shall we go through some past events? They have been your fault. I don’t know how you ended up as the lead.

-Shouldn’t that tell you that I will continue to lead? That I will get way with it again?

-You are not going to get away with it! If I let you do that, it would be another disaster.

-You know this takes time. It is not going to happen overnight. Everyone makes mistakes.

-I don’t.

-Yes, you do. You actually make the worst mistakes ever! Can I quote you and ask if you want to go through past events?

-You need to come up with your own arguments.

-So these aren’t arguments? We both have a past. We have both done well in some occasions and others we didn’t do so well. So what we must be punished for making mistakes? I don’t think so!

-Are you advocating second chances?

-No. What is done is done. The past should stay in the past.

-I like what you are saying! The past should stay in the past.

-I am not against that. I am just saying we need to look at the future. The world doesn’t end here. Life doesn’t end here. We have a future ahead.

-I didn’t say we should tie ourselves down to something! All I am saying is why not try it out. It could work… even if it is only for now.

 -For now? Well, why waste time then? If it isn’t going to work in the long run then why even bother?

-No, no, no. You have it all wrong. It could work. We won’t know if we don’t try. Besides why isn’t it better to just enjoy it while it lasts instead of later on regretting not having tried at all? We have a history on this front.

-Reverse psychology much? You can’t pull that on me.

-We can’t go down this road. We know who would win.

-Can you not get involved now?!

-We do not know who would win. Everything could change. We need to consider everything that is on play.

-I am! You are not! Just understand that we will not hurt anyone if you listen to me. Why cant you grasp that?

-Except me, of course, and…

-Don’t talk while we are about to make a decision! We can’t start thinking about third parties now.

-What?! Why not?! You two are ridiculous! It isn’t all about you. So what if I am hurt? Ok, not really, but the point is that I will get over it. I can turn it into a great story. I can make it into my best work!

-Now who is being selfish? This is why we can’t trust you.

-You can’t trust me? I can’t trust either of you. You both have gotten me into so much trouble before. I just don’t know how to measure who has done worse.

-We both have given you enough material for a lifetime! You are the one who does not do anything with it.

-Blame it on me!

-You are always against us, and we are always pro you. We never think of ourselves. So yes, it is time we think about us in some way. Maybe we should forget about you and just focus on us.

-You always thinking about you. I need results not possible pathways. But we don’t know the other side of this argument. What if we are just making up all these scenarios and thinking too much about it and there is nothing on the other side?

-Did you have to go there?!

-You know that is not true.

-I agree with that.

-I hate this! I don’t want to think about it anymore.

-Neither do we! But we don’t have a choice.

-I think this is a waste. We already know what we are going to do. We have known all along.

-So you made a decision and forgot to tell us>

-That was not part of the plan.

-First off, I didn’t know we even had a plan. But just so you know, it is back to the whole regret what you did not what you haven’t done thing. I don’t want the list to keep growing.

-So are just making us waste our time? That is so nice of you!

-I think at the end of the day, we all wanted the same thing.

-So you are admitting you wanted the same as I did?

-Yes, you could say that.

-Fear again! I am getting tired of that.

-I can’t help it. You think of the now and I think of the after.

-We will work on that eventually.

-This is obviously not my problem, so you two can fix it.

-It is for your sake we are trying to solve this.

-Wait! Didn’t we just solve this?

-For now.


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