Friday, February 24, 2012

Broken Ankle

The phone woke me up and I knew my sister needed my help. I answered and then I hurried to the kitchen to make her tea in hopes that she would feel better. As I gave her the tea, I felt dizzy. I thought it was the quickness with which I got up a few minutes earlier catching up to me. I closed her door and turned to walk to my room... or so I thought. I felt my eyes close and my feet tripping on a shoe that was on the floor. I think I tried to grab onto the wall, which was obviously not going to work. Instead my face crashed with the wall. I felt like my room was miles from my sister's. Suddenly, I was on the floor. Mere seconds passed from closing the door to feeling my foot spiking with pain. I couldn't get up. Hell, I couldn't move!
It took me a few minutes to drag myself to my bed. The pain kept shooting through my ankle. I got up and drank some painkillers. I wrapped my foot with a small cloth and hopped to my little sister's room to ask for help finding something for my foot to keep it tighter.
My little sister thought I was sleep walking. It took a few times of calling out to her before she got up to help me. I hopped back to my room and threw myself on my bed.
Next thing I knew my parents were in my room trying to carry me to the car to take me to the hospital. I refused. I thought I would be better in a couple of hours. But I wasn't.
I finally gave in four hours later and agreed to go to the hospital after my mom unintentionally scared me with the possibility that my ankle could be broken. Two hours later I found myself in denial telling the doctor it wasn't funny to mess with me by telling me my ankle was broken. But he wasn't kidding. He gave up on explaining and brought me a copy of the x-rays. It was broken. It is broken. I walked out of the hospital in crutches with a temporary "cast" until the swelling goes down and they can put the real cast on. I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday.
It is going to take about six weeks to heal. I am really sad because it doesn't look like I will be able to go to the motherland in a few weeks. I am also sad I have to give up heels for a while, a long while.

"I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint." 
-Frida Kahlo

My skin obviously didn't get the memo that I am Mexican and it should be brown. But this morning, my skin looked white like paper. My left ankle looks like it gained two pounds all on its own.

 Yes, they gave me a wheelchair.

They wrapped a bag with ice after the x-rays with pink elastic. Out of all the colors, they chose pink. *rolls eyes*

I did not believe it was broken until the doctor showed me this. :'(

For the temporary "cast" I picked blue elastic! Also, meet my new best friends, the crutches.

My mom put fuzzy socks on my feet because she thought my toes looked funny.

***2/27/12 --Update: I need surgery. Doctor said I I will be able to walk again in about 3 months.



  1. Aside from you quoting the beautifully complicated Friday, my favoriate quote fo this piece is...
    "My skin obviously didn't get the memo that I am Mexican and it should be brown. But this morning, my skin looked white like paper. "

    I feel this daily.

  2. have you more pictures


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