Monday, January 2, 2012

Master Plan 2012 Edition

 • Expand my network, both socially and professionally.
 • Visit three new places that require a trip to be planned.
      - Key: NEW.
 • A new job (see below).
 • Apply to grad school. (It looks like it is time to grow up.)

Difficult, but not impossible:
 • From above, a job at a magazine/newspaper.
      ❧ Multiple freelance positions would also be acceptable.
 • Put more effort into the blog. (3 posts/week)
 • Revamp the show and start a new season. (2 episodes/week)
 • Learn how to ride a motorcycle and get a license to drive it.
 • Be thin (Why is this so damn difficult to accomplish?!)
 • Teach french to the voices inside my head. (It is about time I actually do it.)
 • Move out of town (SF at the top of the list).

Golden dream:
 • Find an agent.
 • Become a published author.

Materialistic, but meaningful.
 • Buy a good camera.
 • Buy an ipod or iphone.
 • Buy a new stereo for my car.
 • Buy a motorcycle.

Superficial, yet necessary:
 • Be more social.
 • Stop being nice (specially to people who don't deserve it).

Mundanely important:
 • Remain fabulous!


p.s. Predictions:
        • I will spend NYE in another country and stay awake until the sun comes out!
        • I will be brave enough to make a change that will affect the rest of my life.

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