Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is time!

A year ago, I was at the airport waiting for a plane to take me halfway across the world. I was beyond excited for the prospects of my adventure.
Once I had crossed the ocean, I played tourist for a cool minute. Then, I began the attempt to settle into my new dwelling grounds and my new life. But suddenly, my trip changed course. The new life I had planed crumbled at the base and I had to look ahead. New beginnings, new adventures, new roads... same goals.
Today, I live in cubicle word. I obviously did something terribly wrong... I came back.
It is time to find the road that will lead me to where I was headed before I took the wrong detour. It is time to start reading the notebook I filled up with notes from cover to cover when I was in Europe. It is time to confront the ghosts as well as time to relive the good moments. It is time to move along...


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