Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two Things

Despite the conclusions that could have been reached do to last years holiday nostalgia posts (here, here, here, here and here), I would like to clarify that I DO NOT like the holidays in the United States. Please note I have added a location to that sentence because it is of utmost importance.
I LOVE the holiday season that goes from December 2nd to January 6th in my hometown. I HATE the capitalistic approach to a one day Christmas celebration in the United States. This year I am on the wrong side of the border partly by choice, and partly because I took too long to decide what to do. I hope everything turns out as planned and the overdue appearance on my hometown comes to be next year. Only time will tell.
For now though, here are the two things that remind me of the Mexico holiday season in the United States. (Read: the ONLY two things I like about the holidays when I am not in my hometown.)

Poinsettias, which we call nochebuenas (Literally: Good nights). Fact: These flowers are indigenous to Mexico.

Ponche NavideƱo. Ponche has the power to take me back to the nights I spent in Mexico at my granpdparents' patio next to a bonfire looking at the stars and waiting for Christmas to arrive. (Recipe)


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