Friday, December 23, 2011

Mini Mexico Escapade

Yesterday, my sisters and I along with my friend S went on a little trip to Tijuana. It is crazy how different the environment, infrastructure, people are on the other side of an imaginary line that marks an international border. But that is not a surprise since I had been there before and I am thoroughly aware of the difference between the two countries. What never ceases to amuse me is how I can, in fact, feel said difference. I instantly experience a certain feeling that tells me I am in Mexico, which doesn't have absolutely anything to do with knowing that I am in the motherland. Knowing it and feeling it are two strictly different things.
Trips to Tijuana are always a sort of "all you can eat" type of trip because there are so many things we love to eat, but cannot bring across the border. Of course, I failed to take pictures because I was too busy eating.



p.s. Interesting fact: It took 2hrs and 15min from the moment we got in line to cross, until we were actually back on this side.

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